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Should you be using SSL on your site?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates have been a recurring topic in the tech community lately, mostly because of Googles actions to attempt to make the web more secure. When a site is sent over HTTP, all data is sent between a server and web browser in plain text. When an SSL Certificate is used, this…

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Getting Started with the Atom Text Editor

Atom, is one of the webs newest text editors. Created by the team at Github, atom is meant to be versatile and customizable to any coder's needs. Atom is based off the Atom Shell which combines the Chromium framework and Node.js to make a full-fledged desktop app. Atom is highly customizable through a diverse package…

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Genesis 2.1 Released

As of June 30, 2014 version 2.1 of the Genesis Framework is available for download. While this is a relatively minor point release, Genesis 2.1 brings the popular theme framework up to date with newer WordPress features like the Theme Customizer, and fixes some bugs and annoyances that currently exist within Genesis. Please see the…

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HHVM Initial Thoughs

Since being publicly released, HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) ¬†has taken the PHP world by storm. HHVM was created by Facebook as an effort to reduce hardware costs, and the results have been mind-boggling. Facebook saw a 6x reduction in CPU usage drastically increasing performance and reducing costs simultaneously. How does HHVM work? Straight from the…

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Why WP Temple uses for Email Hosting

I have been a huge proponent of Google Apps for Business for several years now. Recently they updated their offering to remove their free plan. While i'm ok with companies removing their free plan, they ¬†should at least grandfather users in with the same features that they had previously. Unfortunately, Google did not do so…

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